This is a little something I shared over on facebook and I brought it over here because it’ll fit right in with the memoirs thing and I don’t have much time right now…

You might be surprised to learn that I have planted hundreds of trees throughout my lifetime, not as a mission or anything like that, it’s just part of who I am and I really don’t think about it too much. Anyway, after checking on my apple seedling that I put in the ground this year I started wondering about all my other babies. So I figured that I’d get on Google Street View and take a little drive through my past and it ended up being quite a remarkable trip.
Six states in over fifty years and almost all the trees are still there and so big, you can’t even see my childhood home in Ohio from the road any longer. The Red Oak that I planted at The Taverne of Richfield (my first cooking job), was as tall as the three stories it complements.  After all this touring it started getting a little emotional for me, haunting really, so I was a bit hesitant to visit my early childhood home in Florida to see if the very first tree I planted was still there.  Even though I highly doubted it I did, and there she was, the Orchid Tree that I had planted from seed with my mother when I was four or five years old, looking lively & lush and ready to go for another fifty years!

I love the Google Street View..!